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April 14 Through May 1

The year is 1944, and the winds of war have blown American culture into new shapes. Matt is hoping that the unlikely summertime romance that has bloomed between these two can be transformed into something permanent, even though communication has broken down. Sally, who works as a nurse’s aide at a nearby hospital, has been assiduously avoiding Matt’s attempts to renew their acquaintance, and she descends upon the boathouse — the gazebo-like “folly” of the title, where their tentative affair first began — with the firm intention of seeing him off the property.


Matt is not easily swayed from his purpose.  Matt’s strategy combines the old-fashioned hard sell with the studied attack of a man who crunches numbers for a living. Although he claims he could, he refuses to take Sally’s many implicit “nos” for an answer. Nor is any tactic off limits to this determined swain: Matt jokes, he cajoles, he goofs around.  He spins nostalgic reveries of the happy times they shared.

Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 8,

Sunday at 2